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About Company




Bibtex was founded in the distance 1991 and is one of the first companies importer of textile in the Bulgarian market. Eighteen years of which it is emerging as a leader in the textile industry, years which the company is indisputable indicator of quality and integrity. Bibtex expands continuously as its network of offices, not only within the country, but  all over the world as well as the circle of offered products and services. In ambition always meet the high markеt requirements, Bibtex is a partner of world leading companies such as .../COMPANIES/, and the first factory of the company opens in ... /YEARS/, which relies on  world design tendencies and  European quality standards.

  Since 2009 the company offered fabric / damasks, curtains, textile blinds, bedclothes and etc/, cooordinated in patterns and colors, thanks to which achieves harmony and aesthetic solution to your surrounding interior are housed in a kind of home interior textile. BIBTEX textile center is one of the largest in Bulgaria. Diversity is our, the choice is yours, the style which you are looking for will detect at us only.



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